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Teaches Vinyasa & Yoga for Beginners

Kayla was trained in traditional Hatha Yoga in India in 2017. She finds inspiration for her teaching from Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, Ayurveda, Natural Holistic Healing Practices, Travel and Dance. She teaches a deliberate, mindful class and always brings awareness to the connection between breath and movement. Special attention is given to posture and alignment, ensuring a safe practice for each student. All importance is placed on honoring YOUR body and finding peace and love for yourself, where you are now, with every breath.

Tuesday 8 am – Vinyasa
Tuesday 6 pm – Yoga for Beginners


Founder of Pure Yoga, Passionate Yoga Teacher and Mother

Katja is trained in traditional Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Her classes are inspired by that variety of styles, but always asking you to pay attention to the quality of your movement.
In her Hatha yoga class on a Wednesday morning everyone is welcome!

Wednesday 9 am – Hatha

Nicoline aka Nicky

Mind Body Specialist (200HR Hatha YTT, Qualified Pilates Instructor, Meditation & Mindfulness Coach & Plant-based Nutritional Advisor)

Nicky strives to inspire healthier habits by encouraging inner strength & spreading the power of peace. Influenced by various yoga styles & disciplines, she brings encouragement & uniqueness to her classes. Expect an emphasis on spinal stability & back therapy throughout her teachings.
Her message: Keep your heart open, love yourself, live in gratitude, be mindful, surround yourself with positive energy & show compassion to all beings. Happiness starts from within.

Wednesday 5:15 pm – Restorative & Yin
Thursday 7:30am – Yoga & Pilates Fusion


Ancient Arts for Fantastic Futures

Stuart began exploring and teaching the profound conscious connection between belly, breath and sound during his studies of classical flute over 25 years ago. For over 12 years he has been blending yoga and meditation with innovative approaches to life, business, performance and lifestyle coaching and completed his Moving in Awareness (MIA) Yoga Teacher Training in 2016.
Wild Harmony Yoga classes present a carefully considered fusion of safely accessible and subtle healing hatha and vinyasa with progressively stronger challenges. Long, strong & seemingly static standing and balancing poses merge with mindful meditation, playful pranayama, yogic philosophy, modern science and deep relaxation.

Monday 7:30am – Wild Harmony


Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Consultant

Lize finished her Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 and did an Ayurvedic Consultation Course in 2018. She enjoys learning about how different practices influence us on a physical, mental and energetic level and thus structures her classes in such a way that we work towards creating balance. Pranayama, conscious breathing practices are included in all her classes to help calm the nervous system and bring unity in the body and mind. Lizes teaching focuses on creating compassion for oneself and working with the body in a soft yet strengthening & healing way.

Monday 5:30 pm – Hatha


Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Karin is an Indian trained Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is also a traume therapist focusing on the return from survival to living fully. Her understanding of the nervous system and passion for emodied living weaves into her practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga.

Friday 7:30am – Kundalini


Pilates Teacher

Barbara began her Pilates training in 2005 and has been teaching for 15 years. Her goal is to create a positive movement experience for every client, by teaching them to enjoy using their body in pleasant and challenging ways. Barbara has a background in muscle rehabilitation therapy, as well as GYROKINESIS, Anatomy in Trains, Kinetic Precision, Postpartum Corrective Exercise and the Hyppopressive Method and combines elements from all these in her classes.

At the moment Barbara is only available for private classes. Get in touch with her at 083 653 4486.

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